Substance Misuse


Children's Commissioner for England · 17 February 2021 English

This analysis shows that children who end up going into care between the ages of 13 and 15 clearly face disadvantages at an earlier age: before they went into care, …

for domestic abuse, interactions with adult substance misuse or mental health services, or issues around include parental mental health/domestic abuse/substance misuse, police call outs and low level offending system, A&E attendances, contact with alcohol/substance misuse treatment services, missing episodes. While

Children's Commissioner for England · 2 January 2021 English

This report shows that the vast majority of Local Authorities do not have a sufficient grip on the drivers for youth violence in their areas, nor do they have a …

mainstream education; going missing; experiencing substance misuse; living with a family member convicted of / 581% of gang associated children have substance misuse issues, this means they are 34% more likely at-risk children. Furthermore, even though substance misuse is a well-recognised risk factor for children 6 their lives. This includes mental health or substance misuse support, helping families move, intensive

Reform · 30 October 2020 English

support programme, available 24/7, that targets substance misuse, mental health, and desistance simultaneously ‘Implementation of Computer-Assisted Therapy for Substance Misuse: A Qualitative Study of Breaking Free Online  ‘Implementation  of  Computer-­ Assisted  Therapy  for  Substance  Misuse:  A  Qualitative  Study  of  Breaking  Free

CSJ: Centre for Social Justice · 1 October 2020 English

Report on improving the benefits system after Covid. Our current employment support system is a confusing patchwork of different programmes that really fails to understand this phenomenon. The Work Programme …

63 60 O’Connor, R. Supporting people from substance misuse treatment into employment (Public Health England into-employment/] 61 O’Connor, R

CSJ: Centre for Social Justice · 1 October 2020 English

This report makes the case for a new custodial sentence served in the community. The authors consider that by using Electronic Monitoring and curfew requirements, alongside regular reviews before the …

disruptive family units, where violence and substance misuse are commonplace, can serve to accelerate standing interventions focused on parental substance misuse in the UK.67 It is a  psychosocial and educational parental substance misuse by targeting the intersection between family and substance misuse.68 Each programme family and friends of people struggling with substance misuse.” The treatment and recovery sector in the interventions that seek to divert offenders with substance misuse into treatment and away from further involvement

NatCen Social Research · 7 April 2020 English

The report brings together evidence on the prevalence of mental health problems in serving and ex-Service personnel and their families, the experiences of those suffering from mental health problems and …

disturbance for Service and ex- Service personnel. Substance misuse and gambling interventions can reduce substance 2018). Two studies look at the prevalence of substance misuse or addictive behaviours, which do not involve

Barnardo's · 1 April 2020 English

Barnardo's believe that the Government must put wellbeing at the heart of education as children return to school after Covid-19. This report calls on the Government to support schools to …

high stress environments, e.g. parents with substance misuse, young carers, parents with mental health

IFS: Institute for Fiscal Studies · 19 September 2019 English

This second IFS annual report on education spending in England provides measures of spending per student in the early years, schools, further education and higher education back to the early …

and youth work, teen pregnancy services and substance misuse services. Between 2001–02 and 2010–11, spending

PRT: Prison Reform Trust · 9 July 2019 English

This report includes responses from over 1,250 prisoners, ex-prisoners and their families. Many prisoners highlighted positive contributions from staff. This reveals that prisoners want to have healthy, respectful relationships with …

searches for solutions to mental health issues, substance misuse, anger control and physiotherapy. The trick

Children's Commissioner for England · 4 July 2019 English

The Children's Commissioner estimates that 2.3 million children are living with risk because of a vulnerable family background. Within this group 829,000 children are ‘invisible’ (in the sense of not …

in a household where domestic violence, substance misuse and/or severe mental health problems are

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