DRC: Danish Refugee Council · 1 November 2021 English

This briefing sets out what is known about who is coming across the Channel in small boats, examining the likely outcome of any asylum claim from people arriving via the …

expansion of existing safe routes including both resettlement and refugee family reunion. The government government should commit to an annual resettlement target of at least 10,000 refugees and expand the existing Channel who are unable to access any of the UK resettlement schemes, despite the government’s narrative

DRC: Danish Refugee Council · 1 June 2021 English

This briefing seeks to provide an initial ‘top line’ analysis of the potential impact of some of the most concerning proposals on asylum: those relating to the inadmissibility of asylum …

is higher than those arriving in the UK under resettlement schemes in the same period, making family reunion

Children's Commissioner for England · 26 February 2021 English

Since the start of the Covid pandemic, the Children’s Commissioner’s Office has investigated and highlighted concerns about the treatment of children in secure settings. This briefing uses data collected from …

undermine their rehabilitation and impede their resettlement back into the community when they are released

CSJ: Centre for Social Justice · 1 January 2021 English

The conditions imposed on prisoners as a result of the lockdown has exposed a pre-existing problem. Prisons in England and Wales are rooted in a pre-digital age. If this is …

follow-up of prisoners who took part in the Resettlement Surveys 2001, 2003 and 2004. London: Ministry of Prisons (HMIP) Joint Thematic Review on Resettlement made strong recommendations highlighting that Inspectorate of Probation and Ofsted (2014), Resettlement provision for adult offenders: Accommodation activity/resettlement/criminaljusticejointinspection/1693032014_R or release, but unlike every other area of resettlement, very little was done to prepare and test them

Reform · 30 October 2020 English

digital technology in prisons could impact resettlement outcomes, and is grateful to the 14 individuals prisoners to improve outcomes in custody, plan for resettlement, and enable continuous support into the community creates a significant obstacle to meaningful resettlement. More fundamentally, it means that prisoners often…for training and employment; much less for resettlement and hardly at all to help maintain family ties” the Chief Inspector of Prisons has said that resettlement services are “pedestrian at best”.32 It is

CSJ: Centre for Social Justice · 1 October 2020 English

This report makes the case for a new custodial sentence served in the community. The authors consider that by using Electronic Monitoring and curfew requirements, alongside regular reviews before the …

for those leaving custody to ensure effective resettlement at what is a crucial moment in an individual’s of Prisons, An Inspection of Through the Gate Resettlement Services for Short Term Prisoners [2016] Page of Prisons, An Inspection of Through the Gate Resettlement Services for Short Term Prisoners [2016] Page

NatCen Social Research · 7 April 2020 English

The report brings together evidence on the prevalence of mental health problems in serving and ex-Service personnel and their families, the experiences of those suffering from mental health problems and …

base. Two studies investigate the effect of resettlement (such as third location decompression) on stress mental health that are designed to help with resettlement, accommodation, education and employment. Few

DRC: Danish Refugee Council · 1 August 2019 English

At the end of 2018 the number of forcibly displaced people worldwide had risen to 70.8 million, 2.3 million more than at the end of 2017. This is the highest …

protection were from Iran, Eritrea and Sudan. Resettlement Under the Gateway Protection Programme the the Gateway programme in the UK. The Mandate Resettlement Scheme is designed to resettle people who have share of resettlement places is modest. Canada accepted the largest numbers for resettlement in 2018 origin with the largest numbers accepted for resettlement was Syria (over 30% of the total). British

DRC: Danish Refugee Council · 1 August 2019 English

At the end of June 2019 34,048 of the applications for asylum received since April 2006 from main applicants were pending a decision (either an initial decision or further review). …

uk/government/statistical-data-sets/asylum-and-resettlement-datasets#asylum-support About

DRC: Danish Refugee Council · 1 August 2019 English

In 2018 the number of applications for asylum in the UK, excluding dependants, (29,504), was 11% higher than in 2017 (26,547). After a significant drop in the number of applications …

RESETTLED:  Refugees may be accepted for resettlement in the UK via the Gateway Programme, the Mandate and most recently the Vulnerable Children’s Resettlement Scheme (started in 2016).  The UK commitment uk/government/statistical-data-sets/asylum-and-resettlement-datasets#asylum- applications For older statistics

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