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International Longevity Centre - UK · 5 December 2017 English

This report presents research from the renEWL research consortium on extending working lives beyond the age of 50, and will help to provide an evidence base for policy makers. This …

Fit for Work scheme a ‘wasted investment’, People Management [Online] Available at: http://www2.cipd. co

NACRO · 28 September 2017 English

This is Nacro’s annual report for 2016/17, the national justice charity with more than 50 years’ experience of changing lives, building stronger communities and reducing crime. It provides an overview …

organisation’s commitment to excellence in people management and development. • Our IIP report praised

NACRO · 17 October 2016 English

This report presents the mission of Nacro which seeks to positively change lives, strengthen communities, enhance social inclusion, reduce crime, and prevent offending behaviour. Key statistics:

organisation’s commitment to excellence in people management and development. • In 2015, Nacro maintained capture processes and analysis in relation to people management issues 28 Nacro Annual Report 2015/16

NPC: New Philanthropy Capital · 29 September 2016 English

NPC’s step-by-step guide to charity analysis outlines a tried and tested approach which focuses on the key characteristics common to all effective charities. The analysis covers four key areas: purpose, …

underperformance, at whatever level it occurs. People management practices should reinforce the direction

Smith Institute · 1 July 2016 English

Declining productivity growth is seen by government, employers and unions alike as one of the biggest obstacles to improved economic performance. Indeed, without much higher productivity we will struggle to …

E 7 • Listening to employees and better people management are the key to boosting workplace productivity technology impacts their work. • Better people management can improve productivity, but managers are behaviour in the retail sector, a sense that people management is not taken seriously, especially when line

CQC: Care Quality Commission · 1 June 2016 English

This review includes a sample of 74 investigation reports from 24 NHS acute hospital trusts, which represent 15% of the 159 acute trusts in England. An assessment framework based on …

through the organisation’s human resources or people management departments rather than the patient safety

Revolving Doors Agency · 1 June 2016 English

This toolkit is designed for prison governors and staff to review and improve prisoner involvement systems. Prisoner involvement is a key part of running an effective prison. Giving prisoners the …

people or roles in the strategy • Link to people management and methods of communicating with staff –

Resolution Foundation · 24 February 2016 English

The findings of this report confirm that a significant share of firms will not be affected by the National Living Wage (NLW), or will face only a small increase in …

enable them to invest in building their people management capability (see Box 1 for one approach to easy-to-find advice and support to improve their people management capability, as well as to access available

NatCen Social Research · 24 February 2016 English

This study provides an early, formative assessment of the extent to which early years’ service integration and the IF21M programme has been successful in achieving stated outcomes. The IF21M programme …

working Joint meetings attended by the 'right people'. Management sign-up for prioritisation of MAMS. Routine

FDOH: Florida Department of Health · 1 February 2016 English

This is Lord Carter of Coles’ final report in his review into efficiency in hospitals. It sets out how non-specialist acute trusts can reduce unwarranted variation in productivity and efficiency …

for simplifying system structures, raising people management capacity, building greater engagement and for simplifying system structures, raising people management capacity, building greater engagement and

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