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benefits except the State Pension and Pension Credit. However, some other benefits are protected in legislation. Excluding these, the potential savings from working-age benefits would be around £3 billion a

However, some other benefits are protected in legislation. Excluding these, the potential savings from alter this, but doing so would require primary legislation, and the view of commentators has been that as we note above, this would require primary legislation, which is not guaranteed to pass through Parliament

Resolution Foundation · 7 July 2022 English

This briefing note focuses on structural shifts of worker and employer power. The cost of living crisis and the return of strikes over pay and conditions have brought the issue …

likely to be union members. And second, NMW legislation does not cover wider, non-monetary working conditions The economic effects of industrial relations legislation since 1979, National Institute Economic Review Demise?, Routledge, 2005; D Pyper, Trade union legislation 1979-2010, House of Commons Library Briefing workers.5 Since the 1980s in the UK, however, legislation restricting the actions of unions6, a changing agreements and thus benefit from minimum wage legislation. Instead, unions mainly cater to mid- or high-

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This briefing note looks at the options the Government has to support households facing surging energy bills this winter. With low-income households already living with inflation of more than 10 …

be created from scratch (and may require new legislation). Energy companies that are increasingly worried are likely to arise from multiple pieces of legislation and multiple energy licences that surround each reform is likely to be complex and require legislation (on which the Government is set to consult soon

International Longevity Centre - UK · 7 April 2022 English

Nearly half of all adults and approximately 8% of children (aged 5-17) worldwide have a chronic condition. Yet, studies have consistently shown that adherence to medication is poor; estimates range …

Minister Scott Morrison committed to repealing legislation that prevented pubs from offering free beer to

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The 2020s are set to bring a step change in climate policy, with efforts to decarbonise the UK economy beginning to impact on household consumption to a greater extent than …

Improving compliance with private rented sector legislation, UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence

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The following section outlines the current legislation in place for careers guidance in England, and right to specify further details in secondary legislation weakens the intent of the proposals. A stronger

International Longevity Centre - UK · 31 December 2021 English

In February 2022, the UK will celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, marking the 70th anniversary of her accession to the throne and becoming Head of the Commonwealth. Only 0.15% of …

dissolution of parliament or refuse to sign legislation, but no monarch has done this for centuries.

NatCen Social Research · 7 December 2021 English

Low traffic neighbourhoods were first introduced in the 1970s in Hackney to make side roads safer for children. Since then, residential areas have been developed with various types of modal …

It was further suggested that the emergency legislation that came with Covid-19 allowed local authorities

IFS: Institute for Fiscal Studies · 26 November 2021 English

This report traces the history of wages, technology and globalisation over the past four centuries. Today is not the first time that inequality has increased and become a great social …

involved only skilled craftsmen. New Deal labour legislation created a favourable environment for organisation

DRC: Danish Refugee Council · 1 November 2021 English

This briefing sets out what is known about who is coming across the Channel in small boats, examining the likely outcome of any asylum claim from people arriving via the …

existing inadmissibility rules into primary legislation. Under this rule, if someone has not been removed

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