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Family policy, a subfield of social policy, encompasses one of four family functions: family creation (e.g., to marry or divorce, to bear or adopt children, to provide foster care); economic support (e.g., to provide for the basic needs of members); childrearing (e.g., to socialize the next generation); and family caregiving (e.g., to provide assistance for the disabled, ill, frail, and elderly). Family policies address issues such as child care, child support, divorce, family violence, juvenile crime, long-term care, and teenage pregnancy.

This collection is made up of full text reports on families, available to view free of charge

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Estimating the number of families eligible for the expanded Troubled Families Programme

In June 2013, the Government announced plans to expand the Troubled Families Programme for five years from 2015/16 and to reach up to an additional 400,000 families across England.

Birth characteristics in England and Wales: 2015

This bulletin contains annual birth statistics for England and Wales in 2015.

Childbearing for women born in different years, England and Wales: 2015

This bulletin contains estimates of the lifetime fertility of women in England and Wales in 2015.

Families and households in the UK: 2016

This document contains estimates of families in the UK by type.

Parenting support: exploring the current landscape in Glasgow

This report documents research aiming to provide services and agencies involved in commissioning or delivering parenting interventions in Glasgow with a better understanding of the range and extent of parenting support currently on offer across the city, and to make recommendations for future service delivery.

Childbearing by socio-economic status and country of birth of mother: 2014

This article explores the relationship between the socio-economic status of women and their fertility and, in particular, examines how this differs for UK born women compared with non-UK born women.

Sorting out separation website statistics December 2012 to December 2015

This paper provides information about visitors and their use of the Help and Support for Separated Families Sorting out Separation website (www.

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