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Housing and Homelessness

In order to flourish, everyone needs a decent and secure place to live. Here we cover people's access to housing in the social and private rental sectors as well as alternative forms of home ownership. We consider current housing policy and the impact of the recession on the housing market and on demand for social and market rented housing. Homelessness, as an extreme form of housing market malfunction, is included.

This collection is made up of full text reports on housing and homelessness, available to view free of charge

Our picks

Increasing investment in affordable homes

Shelter asked Capital Economics to set out a range of practical options to boost investment in affordable housing which would have the minimum impact on government finances.

Funding for supported housing: consultation

This consultation seeks views on the design of the Government’s new housing costs funding model for supported housing, as well as views on how funding for emergency and short term placements should work.

Homelessness in Scotland

This survey examines the causes of homelessness in Scotland and its social and financial cost.

Affordable housing supply: April 2015 to March 2016 England

This release presents statistics on additional affordable housing supply in England.

Housing supply; net additional dwellings, England: 2015-16

This publication presents estimates of changes in the size of the dwelling stock in England due to new house building completions, conversions (for example a house into flats), changes of use (for example a shop into a house), demolitions, and other changes to the dwelling stock.

The homelessness monitor: Northern Ireland 2016

This report provides an independent analysis of the homelessness impacts of recent economic and policy developments in Northern Ireland.

Tailored review of the Homes and Communities Agency

This report sets out the findings and recommendations of the Tailored Review of the Homes and Communities Agency carried out between February and April 2016.

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