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Social Welfare at the British Library does not aim to offer legal advice. It will however feature bills before Parliament, their explanatory memoranda, impact assessments, comment and briefings about them for MPs and Lords, and post-legislative assessments. Acts as passed will be included, but not amended or consolidated versions in force. The focus will be on English and UK law. For detailed legal advice and commentary, please consult a specialist resource such as Community Care Informs.

This collection is made up of full text documents available to view free of charge

A licence to kill? Funding the BBC

This report argues that the television licence fee is an outmoded system that deprives consumers of choice.

Brexit and judicial power

This paper explores the significance of Britain's exit from the European Union (Brexit) for judicial power.

Better regulation: better for whom?

This briefing highlights the lack of effective regulation of pollution, food safety and workplace health and safety standards in the UK.

Judging the public interest: the rule of law versus the rule of courts

This report argues that some senior members of the judiciary are overstepping their constitutional bounds.

English votes for English laws: revised proposed changes to the standing orders of the House of Commons and explanatory memorandum: October 2015

Since the publication of the revised proposals for English Votes for English Laws in July, there has been significant interest and the Government has reflected on a number of comments and recommendations received.

Housing and Planning Bill

Key reforms proposed in this bill include introduction of the Right to Buy for housing association tenants, forced sale of council homes, and provision of starter homes.

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