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Social Sciences Directory: an introduction

Social Sciences Directory ( and its sister website, Humanities Directory (, have been established to provide a ‘gold’ open access publishing outlet for current research and thought in various fields of social welfare. Open access publishing means that the research is made freely available to all those that wish to view it, without the need to pay a fee. We aim to connect the world of scholarship and practice through content that is global, multi-disciplinary – and free to access!

How Social Sciences Directory works

Our intention is to harness the advantages offered by online-only publishing and to pass these benefits on to readers and authors. Not having print editions, for example, means that there is no restriction on pagination and more articles can be published. Not having printing and distribution costs helps to keep our overheads down. The speed at which we can move submitted papers through our automated system substantially speeds up the time-to-publication and puts research in the hands of those that want it. Unlike traditional scholarly publishing, we allow authors to retain copyright ownership of their work and to publish it elsewhere – we hope to have papers regular re-published on the Social Welfare website. Finally, all of our content will be archived with the British Library, ensuring that access will be available in perpetuity.  

Our editorial aim is to provide a broad spectrum of multi-disciplinary research that will help to join the threads of scholarship and practice in different areas. Researchers, scholars and practitioners are invited to submit research papers and book chapters that will be peer-reviewed by our panel of editors and reviewers. Referees conducting a peer-review are specifically asked to ascertain that the methodology used in a submitted work has been undertaken in a way that is technically sound. Has sufficient academic rigour been applied to produce results and conclusions that are robust? If the answer is ‘Yes’, it will be deemed suitable for publication. This method of review is designed to remove the subjectivity from the process and rely much more on an objective opinion.

How to use it

Authors of peer-reviewed submissions will be charged a small administration fee to cover editorial and production costs. We also accept postgraduate dissertation theses, case studies, conference papers and datasets that will be published free of charge, subject to editorial approval. If you are interested in writing for Social Sciences Directory, please visit our website and register your details.


Dan Scott is the founder and director of Social Sciences Directory Limited, a ‘gold’ open access publisher, which was established this year and publishes two online journals, Social Sciences Directory ( and Humanities Directory ( He graduated from Kings College London with a BA Hons in War Studies and from Leeds Met University with a Masters in International Business. Dan has worked in publishing for nearly two decades in a variety of commercial and managerial roles. For over six years, he has worked closely with academics and librarians in the UK, US, Europe and Australia.

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